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Pansy subjects - Verse! Opera! Domestic trivia! - are now commonplace.
The 300-word limit for posts is retained. The ego is enlarged

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Change and decay - not all bad

The one form of headgear I can accept: Breton marine cap (or its sibling worn by Rhine barge captains). Gift from Mrs BB.Great source of quaint lapel pins once awarded to pliant proletariat, now keenly priced for tourists

AGEING Evidence may be sudden and poignant. As when I heard trebles singing a descant to Adeste Fideles, a skill I lost sixty-five years ago. But it is, in the end, a balancing act.

Indent left: Former German chancellor, Helmut Schmidt

CAN’T: Regularly swim a mile in the pool. Ski. Go rock-climbing. Drink to excess. Eat to excess. Interest myself in most UK TV sitcoms. Sleep more than five hours a night. Pick up conversation in noisy environments. Endure the middle-classes en masse. Remain calm during conversation about soccer, pop music. Behave civilly to suspected Tories. Restrain myself from asking questions. Show enthusiasm for the Iberian peninsula. Fly long distance. Tolerate evangelists. Willingly regard the faces of Huw Edwards, Kevin Geary, Alex Ferguson, Sue Barker, George Osborne, Arianna Huffington, John Pilger Empathise plausibly with youth.

CAN: Feel untouched by many of the above. Compensate for not drinking to excess by buying expensive wine. Revel in shabby clothing. Take pleasure in academic accounts of history. Luxuriate in near silence. Respond to the appearance and songs of birds. Spend more without caring. Consider death unselfconsciously. Find myself becoming more generous (with cash). Imagine I understand maths and physics - and the structure of music. Write better. Ignore changes in the weather. Benefit from advanced car technology. Exercise curiosity about the nature of womanhood without being thought a menace.