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Monday, 12 May 2008

Goodbye to the golden era of vehicle licensing

My daughter read this blog for the first time today and said, "Tell them about doing the car tax disc". And she's right. It's so fashionable to berate computer systems but with the DVLA website it's almost a pleasure to hand over the cash.

Especially if you can cast your mind back as far as I can. Standing in a long queue at an office in central Bradford, nervously checking that I'd brought the Certificate of Insurance and not the policy, fingering the dirty cardboard folder that represented the Log Book for my elderly BSA Bantam, shuffling forward a little and trying to imagine a reason why my application would be turned down.

Yes I'm well aware of all those Big Brother warnings but reducing this particular ritual to a two or three minute communion with the computer is possibly worth the sacrifice of a certain amount of personal privacy.

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