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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Introducing two mega-stars

In seven very famous words ("Oh my America, my new found land.") Donne evokes the thrill of a distant country, creates a combined pun and metaphor and reports on his progress during a love-making session. Aso, unmistakably, he writes a line of poetry.

Georg Simon Ohm used only three symbols to formulate Ohm's Law: current equals voltage divided by resistance. Concise, easy to understand and still at the heart of virtually all forms of electrical activity. Circuit-breakers pop open (and fuses blow) in obedience to the law which also predicts that electric kettles will heat water. Houses may burst into flames because of a set of circumstances which the law explains.

I read Donne off my own bat (another Northern expression). The RAF forced me to learn the significance of Ohm's law. I'm lucky. Many people turn away from technical stuff thinking it to be too knotty - especially when there's maths in the offing. I did myself until the RAF revealed the range of punishments it kept in store for those who chose not to understand Ohm's law.

As I say, I'm lucky. To me Donne and Ohm are not in competition they're names in the same pantheon. And that's part of the reason for this blog.

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