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Sunday, 29 June 2008

The power tool for extroverts

For decades I avoided buying (even investigating) an angle grinder because the name wasn't sufficiently explicit. When would I want to grind angles? I now assume the device was so christened because the cutting disc is mounted at right-angles to the handle.

My brother (DIY perfectionist and talented cook) has no use for one and believes it to be the crudest and least controllable power tool available outside the pneumatic drill, which North Americans refer to as a jackhammer. I agree. But occasionally one is faced with a crude job.

In my case I needed to reduce the capacity of my wine rack to accommodate a new sliding door. (And no, I hadn't taken the pledge. Simultaneously I increased the capacity of the rack under the stairs.) The angle grinder was perfect for cutting off two dozen short strips of flexible metal which would have been tedious work for a saw.

The angle grinder is spectacular. Sparks fly, metal melts and protective glasses are essential. The angle grinder automatically invokes the TV nannyism - "Don't try this at home".


Lucy said...

La meuleuse was one of those things about whose very existence I was completely ignorant until coming here; I still can't for the life of me see why it's called an angle grinder.

Used without due care and attention, as well as possibly inflicting hideous mutilations on many parts of the body, it can also completely destroy one's hearing... Bloody handy piece of kit, mind. My niece had a boyfriend who did wonderful relief wood sculpture with one.

Barrett Bonden said...

Now there's a thing. You've provided a reason why this barbaric piece of kit could have been a candidate for my TECHNO-ART series where technology fuses in some way with art forms.