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Thursday, 24 July 2008

A hedge is much more than a fund

THIS IS FOR PLUTARCH. We're rather good at hedges in the Marches. This one is to be found at Little Brampton, also home of Aardvark Books. To techno-legitimise the inclusion of this pic here are three questions:

(1) Who on earth trims this hedge? It is over 100 m long and about 10 m high.
(2) What is the trimmer's strategy? The hedge surface is like a contoured model of the Peak District stuck on its side. Is each bulge and declivity faithfully followed?
(3) What tools are used? Given the hedge's dimensions a powered trimmer would seem likely. Given its surface variations manual shears would be more nimble.

The photograph only captures part of the hedge which acts as a boundary to the village church graveyard. It captures almost nothing of its grandeur. A mysterious aristocrat of a hedge.


Plutarch said...

Thank you and greetings. It's yew, isn't it. Slow growing. Very old and mature and beautiful.

Plutarch said...

I think, on second thoughts, that it is Cupressus or cypress.