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Monday, 21 July 2008

Refining technique improves pic

3D IMAGING This time I followed Marja-Leena's guidance. My £5 "swimming" Casio was scanned at 300 dpi (256 colours). Photoshop Elements was used to adjust the resolution to 72 ppi, to reduce the width to 200 pixels and to "save for web". The result is a 9 kb JPEG file.

It's an improvement on the flower (called Gypsophila according to my floricacious adviser) I scanned earlier. In this instance I left the scanner lid wide open; with the flower I propped the lid about 15 deg open to accommodate the black background card in an attempt to match the solid blackness Marja-Leena achieved. Fully open results in this maroon background; using the card came closer to black but, because the card was angled, caused unwanted reflections.

My conclusion is that Marja-Leena's scanner is optically superior to mine. Not surprising since it cost more than three times as much. What is pleasing is that I don't appear to have encountered the shallow depth-of-field problem that Lucy experienced.

This was purely an exercise to test the procedure. I'll keep an eye open for an opportunity which tests it for real.


marja-leena said...

Yeah, progress is made! I'm surprised that your background turns maroon with lid open. With all our talk of scanner models, you haven't mentioned yours.
I notice that you only have 256 colours, I suppose that's dictated by your computer? (Whoa, that's another big techno question on image quality!)

Barrett Bonden said...

Scanner is a Umax Vistascan v3.77 bundled with PhotoSuite III, which I bought on Dec 12 2002. Apart from the fact that the scanner is set to save to PhotoSuite I rarely use this software, preferring Photoshop Elements. Scanner offers four colour options True Colour RGB, True Colour CMYK, 256 colours, and web colour. When I try the first two the scanner hangs - as far as I remember always has done. Screen colour quality set to 32 bits. I have now reached the end of my competence on this matter.