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Thursday, 14 August 2008

The Lady Vanishes

Imbued with foolish pride, I devoted my August 11 post to a photograph of a bookshelf I made for the French house. I apologised for not having a usable photograph of the adjacent spiral staircase which I admitted to be the main reason why we bought the house in the first place. Unimpressed by my DIY carpentry Plutarch offered this stern comment: “With hindsight perhaps you would have applied the Pentax to the handrail. We are the poorer for the omission.”

I did have a photograph of the staircase taken when we first inspected the house. Unfortunately my wife, in the last stages of hypothermia, stood in the foreground and wouldn’t have thanked me for publicising her in this state.

Whether she will thank me for the solution of this problem is another matter. But here is the staircase without my wife, thanks to Adobe Photoshop Elements – the software that rolls back time. It isn’t the best of photographs but it wasn’t the best of March days.

Plutarch, will this do?


conrobxxx said...


Sir Hugh said...

Was it not a dangerous thing to beam up your Director of Culinary (and other) Affairs? Do you have contacts with Captain Kirk to obtain the technology to ensure her return next time you want a meal?

Plutarch said...

A fine staircase indeed, the patina of the years upon it, as promised! For which much thanks. But you will, as a member of a profession, where curiosity is generally seen as a virtue, understand, when I have now to regret the absence from the picture of Veronica. Chilled she may have been, but one would hope that that in in itself is not a reason to exclude her from the records.

Barrett Bonden said...

Plutarch: Excluding her from public view doesn't mean excluding her from my life. Believe me, she looked shrivelled with cold. Further exposure - even if only metaphorical - would have been cruel.

Sir Hugh: As a techno-expert I mastered de-beaming before I beamed. Meals have since been cooked and eaten.