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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

One route to euphoria

Can’t pretend I know much about washing machines. The control on our Bosch offers odd options, at random and with inconsistent typography. For instance: Delicates, Wool and Cotton are self-explanatory but why is Easy Care labelled as if it were a further, related choice to these three? Jeans is listed in a different typeface but aren’t jeans made of cotton? And why is Intensive Stains related – typographically, at least – to Jeans?

I am not proud of this ignorance, the result of never having operated this device or its ancestors.

I offer this defence. When we were very poor a pool of water developed under our inexpensive Indesit. I disconnected the power, took the back off, discovered a burst pipe and replaced it. A year later it was evident water wasn’t making it into the drum. The pump was easily identifiable. I removed the front cover, found that one of the three rubber impeller blades had sheared off (someone – let’s not say who – had left a UScent1 piece in their jeans pocket), bought a new impeller, and installed it.

These days I get a man to do this sort of work. Which is a shame. These were very simple tasks, but never mind. Successful DIY repairs create a sense of euphoria, of being ahead of the game and of outwitting large interests. The experience is worth more than rubies. Material comfort is no substitute.

TECHNO-WONDER. Yesterday was my birthday (thanks for your good wishes Marja-Leena). This morning I checked my profile and Blogger has added another year to my listed age. Clever!


Plutarch said...

Snap! We seem to have the same machine. Heidi ignores the detailed guidance and reckons that what matters is the temperature of the water and to some extent the length of time of immersion. When she is away, I follow her instructions.

Happy birthday.

Julia said...

Happy Birthday!!