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Thursday, 6 November 2008

José, can you see....!

Didn’t post yesterday for reasons that become apparent if you click on:


So, late in the day, what can technology contribute to the emotions running through the blogs I’m most familiar with? We could imagine a Linn hi-fi chain (Expensive but the best) playing a familiar piece of Beethoven and blasting out those childish but heart-breaking words Diesen Kuss der ganzen Welt although I always thought it was fur rather than der.

Fireworks? They’d be good, except I’m ignorant about their creation. I do know the constituents of gunpowder (charcoal, sulphur, saltpetre) but not the amounts. Now there’s a future post: an attack on those oh-so-blasé culinary experts with their esoteric “handfuls”, “pinches” and “soupcons.

Booze (by which I mean anything alcoholic). The obvious grape for toasting Obama is, of course, pinot noir. Its peculiarities previously limited it to the vineyards of Burgundy but now everyone’s at it. California (If you haven’t seen Sideways try, try and rectify that emission), Chile and – especially – New Zealand have all done marvellously and, alas, proved that no one can do burgundy like Burgundy can.

Physiology. When I first managed half a mile of continuous crawl several years ago I left the pool feeling as if my arteries were pumping Alka-Seltzer. “It’s the endorphins,” explained my wife. Dunno what they are but endorphins and Obama go together.


Julia said...

Staying up most of the night left me feeling the same way!! This weekend we're going to pull out the bubbly to celebrate, but I rather wish we could have joined you and Plutarch for a curry and beer. Yum!

Lucy said...

The list is growing for that curry and champange lunch when he gets his second term...

Barrett Bonden said...

Julia says "curry and beer" while Lucy says "curry and champagne". While we may all dwell on that differentiation, I should explain that it was all three that combined to leave Plutarch tired and emotional later that evening and me gagging for soft drinks on the train home. Given Marja-Leena's interest in this event perhaps the venue will have to be changed. Nova Scotia (Greenland?) is about halfway.

Julia said...

I suspect our adopted countries have a lot to do with our drink choices!