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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Without whom it would have been...

Each year my wife and daughter visit the Christmas market in a different German city. This year it was Hamburg. The village is the result of five or six years’ purchases; I stayed at home and made the tray thing.

My blog is not yet a year old. The subject matter (and probably its execution) meant it was never likely to be be Top of the Pops but the dialogues have delighted me. So here’s a few virtual Oscars.

Plutarch Introduced me to blogging, thereby extending a conversation which began in 1963.
Lucy Teased me into setting up on my own, then effortlessly (ie, hiding any traces of effort) showed me how it was done.
Marja-Leena From the far side of the world mixed art with technology. Flatteringly believes Brits are from time to time intentionally amusing!
Relucent Reader Found my blog via shared interest in Charles Ives and rated my piece on electricity “clear and concise”. Bibliophile; has driven tanks.
Julia Designed websites, plays piano, rendered Prague’s graffiti world famous and confided an outstanding admission which led Lucy to describe her as “a woman of parts”.
Avus His vehicular and other interests no longer move in parallel to mine but seem likely to intersect (Will we collide?).
Zhoen Admirably tight-lipped comment, searing personal revelations and vivid reminders of what it is like to work in a hospital – not that I ever did but I’m married to a retired SRN.
Herhimnbryn On the other other side of the world. Gradually providing reasons for my previously unexplained enthusiasm for Perth.

There are others but they must labour under the banner of The Usual Suspects. Here’s to further internationalism.


Sarah said...

Good to see the Glue village goes on trucking - nice "tray-thing" feel it should have a more scientific name - but I am all scienced out. Love Sx

herhimnbryn said...

Happy Christmas BB.

marja-leena said...

Do you mean Brits are unintentionally amusing? They say Canadians have a strange sense of humour too.

Thanks for your friendship and have a happy Christmas!

Zhoen said...


Lucy said...

Happy Christmas to you and yours,BB, and thanks for the credit!

Barrett Bonden said...

M-L. The intentionally was intentional. Without it the sentence might have implied Brits are laughable for bad teeth, a penchant for binge drinking, regretting the end of colonialism, and an inability to distinguish between "boots" and "trunks".

Avus said...

Greetings to you BB and thanks for the "credit".
I enjoy your blog and your comments on my own postings.

Julia said...

Just catching up and saw this post. As a funny aside, I've asked for a trumpet for next Christmas (or sooner). I was inspired by the memories you unfurled! Who knew commenting and conversation round the world could be so everyday affecting. Thanks BB!