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Friday, 6 March 2009

A case for Crop-Dad

Modified (See OS comment: Before - above; after - below)

This chap is an adolescent belonging to a jury of his peers called Keane. Recently he and the others shouted themselves hoarse at the Oh-two (sorry, can’t do the subscript) Stadium while plucking electronically-amplified guitars. Why do I know this? Younger daughter and her daughter drove to Greenwich, shouted back at the entertainment and flashed off their digitals indiscriminately.

Twas my job to trawl PhotoShop, crop their efforts and retrieve lost detail. More fun than attending the event itself. Pop musicians demand extreme cropping and I enjoyed sawing off the tops of their sweaty heads to give each his very own Massif Central. Brightness, contrast, hue and saturation tweaks on this one revealed the microphone stand, previously invisible. Great software used in a great cause: yoof culture.

THEY’VE DONE IT BEFORE! I’m impressed by companies who go the extra mile (or centimetre). The doors and drawer fronts are being replaced in our fitted kitchen. The work could not be completed in a single day but we weren’t left scrabbling access to our crocks and cutlery. Note the tape “handles” on anything that opened - replaced the following day by the specified knobs. Good on you, Lord Kytchener Kitchens (Yes, that’s the way they spell it and the explanation is quite boring.)


Plutarch said...


Sarah said...

Nice doors - shame that I can use photoshop competently but very grateful that I don't have to attend such an event to get pictures

occasional speeder said...

You really need to put the original on here (I've tried but can't) to see the massive improvement. Truly impressive.
The chap in question is 30 today and will bless you for calling him an adolescent.

Lucy said...

What a satisfying destiny for a venerable patriarch, cropping the heads off sweaty musical swains...

They are rather good. The kitchen doors are far more likely to set my pulse racing these days, and they are very fine too. Shame they need handles at all really, they are sleeker without.