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Friday, 25 December 2009

Zach firmly believes in the mystery

Why we creakily leave our beds 07.32 on December 25. (1) Who left the strange footprints? Could there be clues in the thrice-bitten carrot, the cup of water (now empty) and the disappeared chocolate digestive? (2) For a modern-day lad like Zach a stocking is no longer sufficient; he needs a sack. (3) A motorbike! How did Santa know?

As they say on the wine lists, the Beef Wellington saga follows.


The Crow said...

Good for Zach! Here's hoping he holds on to the mystery for many more years to come, and passes it along to his little ones someday.

Happy day, all!


Julia said...

Excellent footprints!! And Happy Christmas to all the BB family, it looks like the 7.32 wake up was worth it.

Rouchswalwe said...

Hurrah for mystery!

Cool carpet in the middle pic ~ does it fly?

I bet Zach would know the magic word.

Barrett Bonden said...

All: For an adult there is so much about Christmas that can render it miserable, not least getting rid of the mounds of torn wrapping paper, the almost indestructible bubble-packs, and the uncrushable stiff cardboard boxes. Plus the feeling that one is being manipulated. Thank goodness, then, that there are brief periods when one may stand back and view uncorrupted childhood eagerly profiting from the good bits. Zach was in fact quite ill during the holiday but his pleasure and excitement kept his illness at bay until fatigue overtook him, releasing another type of poignancy.

RW (sZ): Another of those US-Brit misunderstandings. The potential flying device is a rug over here; the pale green surface on which Santa left his footprints is the carpet. Ever the sub-editor, even on Bank Holidays.

The Cool Kid said...

What happens if Zach reads this and it ruins the mystery for him?

I think you haven't thought this through enough.