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Friday, 5 November 2010

The poop was beaten gold, etc, etc

Stay with me, please. It’s not merely about TV you’ll never see.

The programme concerned self-portraiture. Given 90 minutes, writer/commentator Laura Cumming “stepped back” from Dürer’s unflinching gaze, followed Rembrant’s monumental series on “what it was like from inside to grow old”, revealed David in his jail to be “confused”, sympathised with Courbet as an early Master of the Universe, explained why Mondrian’s self-portrait couldn’t be “a Mondrian”.

Van Gogh doesn’t incorporate madness into his self-portraits, rather a growing technical logic. We laugh too at Mark Wallinger’s sculpture of a capital I in Times New Roman.

Here’s where it gets hard. Laura Cumming (art critic of The Observer) is beautiful. It shouldn’t matter but it did. Her loveliness is throwaway with blonde hair, carelessly clipped up, gradually releasing strands all over. She dresses casually but Mrs BB, who agrees about her beauty, says her clothes are expensive. Whatever - she flits down the Montmartre steps and it’s heart-breaking.

But this is not old BB “dying of bitches”. The sculptor Messerschmitt went round the bend and created heads in which he pulled astoundingly ugly faces. Cumming reaches out, draws her face near and the sculpted head becomes magically beautiful in itself. And self-evidently a masterpiece. Aping Warhol she dons sunglasses, slips into a photobooth, imitates the sequence Warhol took including one “where he appears to be hanged” and I see what Warhol is on about.

Without her looks Cumming’s enthusiasm and easy knowledge would have made a memorable programme. With her looks it was a killer. Am I simply a seduced older man? Disagreements about clothing aside, Mrs BB says she too was impressed.


FigMince said...

I look forward to seeing it once it's transported to the colonies. And I agree that the right presenter does make a difference – frankly, I didn't even know I had a brain until I fell in love with Susan Greenfield.

marja-leena said...

Beauty, especially the feminine kind, does grease the wheels in a pleasant way, doesn't it?

Wish I could see that program. I like the sculpture you've chosen to grace this post.

Lucy said...

'dying of bitches'?! :~D

Barrett Bonden said...

FigMince: I can recommend it even with Laura Cumming's face blanked out. As to Susan Greenfield: 12,000 miles apart and yet the earth moved for both of us.

M-L: I know this sounds fanciful but this programme was concerned with beauty anyway, but beauty that was fixed. The presenter's beauty was a dynamic and interpretive tool in the service of fixed beauty. See, I told you it would sound fanciful.

Lucy: A sudden wayward thought has entered my mind. Remember the protagonist's name in that poem? Well, reduce it to mere initials and consider alter egos you've known. Totally wayward, eh?

Lucy said...

Didn't recognise it, just checked, I'm with you now!