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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Last post from Languedoc

Mrs BB, as serious as you like, studies menu.

Toad was found swimming in pool, unable to get out. Heroically rescued by BB.

Zach buried on the beach at Valras Plage.

Zach, wearing his TdF King of the Mountains shirt, strolls through Bédarieux.

St Jean's boulangerie - referred to as The Windmill Shop by Zach.

Darren, Zach's dad, runs on water to shock the populace


The Crow said...

Your photos tell wonderful stories that your descriptions start. Zach appears to be a happy, confident youngster, which tells the world he has a loving family to catch his back. Good for him!

The Crow said...

I love the new banner, and the comments below it! Hurrah for you, BB!

Plutarch said...

BB's garden is noted with interest and pleasurein his new banner photograph. Hurrah for non-gardeners with gardens.

Hattie said...

I like your "new look."

Rouchswalwe said...

Ah, there was once a place called Camelot ... oops, wrong channel. We've discovered the Merlin TV series on this side of the Pond. I know, I know. Magic, no technology. But the young Arthur has such a nice, deep voice. And the dragon is cool. Kind of like your new banner and blurb. Cool!

Lucy said...

I bet the King of the Mountains shirt got Zach more admirers than his dad's walking on water!

Lovely pics, like the new look too.

Barrett Bonden said...

The Crow: I wouldn't want you to think we are the only beneficial influence on Zach. His other grandparents (Nanna and Grandad Who looks After Nanna) are very positive and loving. Grandad Who Looks After Nanna (to distinguish him from me, Big Grandad) devised a very ingenious entertainment for Zach by taking him into sports goods shops, encouraging him to play with the equipment, then walking out without buying. Happily GWLAN has now resolved an earlier problem with libraries; Zach frustrated him initially by always taking out the same two books. I believe he has now encouraged Zach to widen his reading field.

Thanks for your comments about the banner. I was thinking of adding a strapline: Now with added honesty, but decided it would leave me a hostage to fortune.

Plutarch: Here's an oddity. As you know we now employ a gardener. He is away on holiday and I'm keeping his garden watered - for free.

RW (zS): As you rightly guessed, I'd rather open my veins... I can't compete with " a nice deep voice". Mine is nasal and querulous.

Lucy: I rather like the French translation: maillot à pois rouges