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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Booze isn't the only option

From eight of us round the coffee table (seen here, ten hours later) eight monologues rose in gathering incoherence. Soon Rusty Nails (scotch and Drambuie) would be served and thereafter madness. I asked: “Doctors. Men or women?” and for ten minutes I had their attention.

OS surprised me: “War correspondents. Women! It’s gotta be that hard one on the BBC.” Meaning Orla Guerin already mentioned on WW. Somebody said: “Priests?” and Peter, PB’s partner, said monosyllabically, “Men.” but he is of RC stock. I considered ski instructors. Mine had been Swiss and in all that mattered – build, seriousness, strength of leg, stubbornness – the sexes were indistinguishable.

OS admitted to reading more books by women than by men but we agreed this was an unfruitful comparison. A host of trades and professions – dentist, soccer player, police-person, politician – slid by gaining raucous single-word judgements which I failed to memorise.

The next morning Mrs BB and I vacated our bed early so that a young couple, who’d occupied couches, could take over. Peter was already up, reading his Kindle in the garden. I acquired pen and paper and returned to my first love, interviewing.

Doctors? Mrs BB: “I’d rather a female doctor was talking about my female bit (sic).” Peter: “It’s different for me. But then I’m not sure I’d want a man messing about with…”

News presenters? Mrs BB: “Female. Because I like Fiona Bruce and I don’t think women get as much cherishing.”

Taxi drivers? Peter: “I was going to say men but I know a woman (driver). She’s scary and she’d kill me if I said men.”

Prime minister? Mrs BB: “Oh male! The only female was an absolute disaster.”

A rowdy party? Call in BB to damp things down


Plutarch said...

Doctors: women.
War Correspondents: women
Ski instructors (as if I cared,) women.
Priests (as if I cared): women.
News presenters: women.
Taxi drivers: women.
Prime ministers: women.

I don't dislike men. I just prefer women. Nowadays I think that women make a better job of most things. That is despite the fact that they don't always think straight.Or put another way. they don't think like men do.

Lucy said...

Doctor Who could never be a woman. Not that I've ever watched it much but still.

Bin men?

Rouchswalwe said...

I'd go for an evening with no booze had I conversation partners such as you describe. Brewers? Women! Porsche drivers? Men! Chefs? Women! Bakers? Men! Sopranos? Women! Tenors? Men! Weather forecasters? Men!

Anonymous said...


Barrett Bonden said...

Plutarch: How daring. And thank you for meeting my most recent norm: not to have WW taken too seriously.

Lucy: I have never watched Dr Who but because we get the Radio Times I can't help noticing he gets younger and younger; this makes me proud to be getting older and older. Bin men. Yes! Before I was forced to not think ill of the dead I also liked Osama Bin Liner.

RW (zS): I think you're flattering us. What I described was the tail-end of Hurricane BB's Birthday which starts out seriously but ends up as farce.

Anon: I have to be careful here. But by following a policy of never revealing my face I have - I'm proud to say - retained a high percentage of Lady Commenters. Alas, this tendency is not duplicated in real life.