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Friday, 4 November 2011

Rossignols are nightingales


It wasn’t all delight. At Crans I caught
A tip, tearing my shoulder at the ball,
Cracking the socket, facing a distraught
One-armed descent to the Swiss wailing wall.
The joint was luxé, squawked the harridan,
Who urged me to relax and not to scream
As others yanked on this prone Englishman
And others totalled up his bill supreme.
Yes, I was paying for those future days
Of hissing skis maintained in parallel,
Of turns that contoured all of heaven’s ways,
Of moguls charged, of schusses flown pell-mell.
That written self I often left behind
Is now in muck and bitterness confined

NOTE: The last line of this sonnet previously contained a mildly naughty word. Now I am professionally and viscerally opposed to censorship but some filtering sofware on the computer my younger daughter uses meant she was unable to open the post. On the grounds that there might be other nannying systems out there I changed the word and (the better the day the better the deed) made two or three other small changes. Since all the people who patronise Works Well are of superior intellect it won't need much elbow-nudging from me to hint at which word was changed and what it was changed from. Thus everyone whose mission is Truth Upon Earth may make the substitution in their mind and conclude that it probably hardly matters at all.


The Crow said...

(Third time is either the charm, or I quit trying. Sorry about the waste of your space.)

That was one awful subluxation, BB! How long did it take to heal?

Re: the word substitution - at least you didn't trade it for 'poop.' That would have made me upchuck, for sure.

Lucy said...

Poo? (Crow dear we Brits don't say 'poop' unless we are referring to the deck of an old sailing ship).

Spiffy sonnet.

The Crow said...

I learn something new every day!

Avus said...

"Shit" is a perfectly good word of Anglo-Saxon derivation, BB.
It was Churchill who wrote, "The old words are best and the old words, when short, are best of all".

Plutarch said...

Muck is orobabky a better word anyway particularlyon account of its proverbial association with money.

Julia said...

Muck almost fits, and is less distracting, but a short -t ending pairs up better with bitterness. Save the first version for your collected works!

Rouchswalwe said...

Cannot help but shake my head in agreement that those things we miss weren't necessarily all delight.

Pets, for example. Do you know the German term for poop scooper?

Entsorger von Hundehäufchen.

Barrett Bonden said...

The Crow: There was physio for weeks, after which the girl shrugged and said, in effect, that's as far as we can go. The effects are still with me.

Aren't I the lucky one; having WW's deputy-blogger step in and get you straight on "poop".

Lucy: Spiffy? That deserves deconstruction (see more recent post). But I'll stay my hand.

Avus: Muck's just as short, but it wasn't my first choice and doesn't interlock as well with "bitterness".

Plutarch: Yes, but just for once I wasn't playing the West Riding fiddle.

Julia: Got it in one, J. See my comment to Avus.

RW (zS): Risk is a key element of ski-ing's attractions and, inevitably, it makes good its promise and turns round and bites you.