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Sunday, 22 June 2008

Help for clumsy-fingered Brits

France is wonderful but - as elsewhere in the EU - there are too many different coins. This causes fumbling at the retail counter and a gradual accumulation of the brown ones which are virtually unspendable. Why this needless complexity? I asked one vendeuse. To allow for VAT (confusingly called TVA over there) on comparatively cheap items, she replied impeccably.

There is a technological solution. It's called a coin holder and the Euro version holds the top five denominations in neat spring-loaded cylinders. I had expected to be treated with contempt when mine went into action but most French people regard it with silent - yet undisguised - fascination.

The brown coins I drop into charity boxes which may be what I'm expected to do.

One disadvantage. My holder was bought online from a casino equipment supplier. For some time afterwards I was bombarded with email offers for discounted roulette wheels and poker chips until I de-subscribed.

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