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Monday, 23 June 2008

Principles of the sheet anchor

Echoes of “The Boyhood of Raleigh” here. Grandson Bonden, aged two, sits at the pool edge while Great White grandfather trundles by, pursuing another record of interest only to septuagenarians. Despite the poignant difference in age, it’s all about mensuration, a contributary aspect of technology.

Grandfather Bonden’s body hates the sun, hence the cotton tee-shirt. Yet the weather varied during the past fortnight in Languedoc and there were days when the tee-shirt could be discarded. This provided a lesson in hydrodynamics. Here’s a quintet of half-kilometre swims in chronological order:

Day one. Hot yet dull. No tee-shirt. 14 min 16 sec.
Day two. Hot and bright. Tee-shirt worn. 14 min 26 sec
Day three. Hot and bright. Tee-shirt worn. 15 min 5 sec (Oh no!)
Day four. Hot and bright. Tee-shirt tucked into cozzie (Genius!) 14 min 38 min
Day five. Coolish and dull. No tee-shirt. 14 min 15 sec

I could permutate endlessly but three points emerge. The drag caused by an unsecured tee-shirt is enormous, tucking the shirt in is worthwhile, there’s an optimum (slowish) time for a 72-year-old swimmer with bared shoulders.


Lucy said...

That is such a sweet picture, and lovely colours !

I think I'd have cropped the top off though. How? Get Picasa! Works well! Plutarch put me onto it and I've never looked back, beats over-engineered Photoshop for most amateur purposes - except shrinking pics, it won't do that, that I know of. It's free to download and intuitive to use.

Glad you had a good trip.

Barrett Bonden said...

Cropping this pic involved agonies of indecision. Beyond the pool wall is a splendid Languedocian vista which had to go. You're probably right about further cropping from the top.

Delighted to hear someone else believes Photoshop is needlessly complicated. Trouble is I need it for my website work. I have about five graphics packages (including Picasa). Infuriatingly each has a single genuinely useful feature that is unique to that software.

Barrett Bonden said...

Lucy: How about this crop?

Barrett Bonden said...

Lucy: Delete my second comment. How about the uncropped original?