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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Chillis and the Voice of Doom

In what my elder daughter referred to as “the often times” there was just one TV channel and the BBC filled up gaps between programmes with film of a rotating potter’s wheel and a speeded-up train journey covering London to Brighton in sixty seconds. This post may well fulfil the same function, for I am presently otherwise engaged.

The chillis have nothing to do with technology and merely serve as a reminder that my lack of faith in received religion should not be allowed to extend to horticulture. They came from a single plant sown by Mrs BB and which, despite my deepest foreboding, went forth and multiplied. They will be dried and/or frozen. The purple plastic bag has Internet links since it came from Purdy’s, a shop I believe to be located in Vancouver, BC. No prizes for making the connection.

AS I STARE into the monitor, involved in the aforementioned other work, a crisp didactic female voice says: “You have reached your destination.” I deserve this since I’ve dribbled on rather too much about mortality in recent posts. But this is not condemnation from a surrogate Grand Seigneur. It is my satnav, triggered by computer activity, possibly the optical mouse. I reflect briefly on the persistence of horticulture, and resume.

TO MY FOUR COUNSELLORS The rewrite is two-ninths complete and may be up to fifty percent at the end of the day. This is gratifying though judgement will be what counts. I thank you all but end on a note of authorial caution: rewriting is sixteen times easier than writing.


Plutarch said...

Frozen chillis sound like a good headline.

marja-leena said...

Tasty looking pepper crop! It wasn't until you mentioned 'Purdy's' that I saw the name on the plastic bag. Hope the contents pleased!

Spadoman said...

I love the peppers. One plant you say? Great job of cultivation. Freezing works well, you can take them out and chop them up for something at a later date.


Rouchswalwe said...

Due to the chilly weather and lack of sunshine, I have had to bring in my bell pepper plants. My pussy-cat is in heaven! Jungle-like feeling.

The Crow said...

Bet those lovely peppers will be good in chili...or a Denver omelet...in a creole sauce...and so on.

You know, there's the making of a kid's story in this, somewhere. "Mrs. BB and the Pepper Bush."


Barrett Bonden said...

Plutarch: Drying them supplies an extra pleasure. A string of smaller ones hangs like a primitive tribe's necklace from a kitchen shelf.

M-L: Upper-crust candy, as I recall. Plus mind-candy. Many thanks.

Spad: Chilis are a great additive. To bolognese sauce, for instance.

RW (zS): It was either pick 'em or let them freeze their little keesters off. I'm surprised that cats are so accommodating.

The Crow: No time for further literary endeavours at the moment. Halfway through the re-write and pleased as Punch. But will my critics (in the original sense) be?

Lucy said...

Grow more and hang them everywhere and BB Acres will look like a tapas bar, or rather something Mexican. If you'd borrowed Plutarch's sombrero instead of his brolly you could have added that to the decor.

They look wonderful, congratulations to the chilli grower, but watch what you do with your fingers after you've been threading them!

Much fun and chatter going on here, I've missed it...